X4 Labs offers the very best penis enlargement tools that your money can buy.

When you order the X4 Labs penis extender, you will get a complete system, including a quality enlargement device plus all the attachments you will ever need.

X4 Labs keeps their products up-to-date by listening to their customers about comfort, design, and actual success rates.

The extras included with many of their packages aren’t just fluff products…they really serve to make your experience more rewarding and your results more significant.

Customers mean a great deal to X4 Labs. They have put a great amount of research into their products to make sure customers are satisfied, both in terms of comfort and results.

Their devices have been manufactured to be safe (medically certified) while delivering astounding results.

X4 Labs realizes that the more comfortable a penis stretcher is, the more the customer will use it. More use equals fantastic results.

Research and testing is on-going with X4 Labs and I have a feeling they will stay on top of the market in sales and popularity due to their tendency to pay attention to need & demand.

Famous Hybrid Support

Each package offered by X4 Labs includes their famous Hybrid Support System.

This method of support ensures that the device can be worn universally since it provides a choice between using noose and strap fixation.

Most men prefer strap over noose because it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

However, noose is faster and easier to affix, making it popular as well. With X4 Labs, you won’t have to choose because both types are included. This feature alone serves to make X4 Labs products among the highest rated worldwide.

4-in-1 Unique Quad Support

X4 Labs’ Quad Support System is an option you might consider purchasing, especially if your penis is less than 4 inches long (flaccid).

It works by providing more fixation points, which completely eliminates slippage problems and serves to deliver a more comfortable experience.

Many men, not just ones with smaller-than-average penises, choose to order Quad Support because they feel it hastens their progress while also providing
more comfort and faster size gains.


Mini-Size Extenders

Mini-size Extender support pieces are also offered by X4 Labs because they realize that all men are different and one extender can’t possibly fit everyone. They designed an adapter piece that fits men from 1 inch to right under 4 inches long (flaccid). When ordering the mini-size adapter, you will also get the regular size for free (which you will need once your penis enlarges).

X4 Labs penis extenders fit any size and share.
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X4 Labs Packages & Pricing

Lucky, X4Labs already did the job – your discount code is already applied so you do not need to do anything – just choose a package and order with confidence.


The five packages offered by X4 Labs are:

  • Starter
    • X4 Labs high-quality device with hybrid support
  • Deluxe
    • X4 Labs high-quality device with hybrid support
    • Extra tension springs/bars, harnesses, comfort straps/pads
    • Instructional CD-ROM, exercise E-Book, 5-yr warranty, & 6-month Guarantee
  • Gold Luxury
    • X4 Labs high-quality device with hybrid support
    • Extra tension springs/bars, harnesses, comfort straps/pads
    • Instructional CD-ROM, exercise E-Book, 5-yr warranty, & 6-month Guarantee
    • PenisAccess Membership, $50 gift card, bonus DVD
    • free UPS shipping
  • Premium – Includes everything of above plus:
    • 2100 Gram Specially Calibrated Tension Springs for faster gains
    • Manual and automatic adjustable tension rods
    • All the accessories and spare parts that you will need
    • Wide Girth Base ($49.95 value)

When ordering, you will notice that each package offers the following options:

  • Support-Hybrid (Included) or Quad
  • Size-Full (Included) or Mini
  • Girth-Regular (Included) or Wide **Wide Girth is free with premium gold pkg.


Which Package is Right for You?

All X4 Labs packages include the same high-quality penis extender with Hybrid Support. If you can’t spend much now but need to get started, then order the Starter package. Even though no extras are included, you are still getting the best extender your money can buy and will find, after using it as directed, that it will do the job to your satisfaction.

For men who have minimal interest in exercising, the Deluxe package should suit you. It offers more than the Starter package by giving you extra tools (harnesses, bars, comfort pads, CD-ROM, e-book, guarantee, & 5-yr warranty) to hasten your progress.

For all of you who realize that exercising the penis actually will hasten results, the Gold package is the best. In addition to the extras found in the Deluxe package, you will also get membership to PenisAccess (a $100 value), a $50 gift card, and free shipping.

My personal recommendation is that you purchase either the Deluxe package (for non-exercisers) or the Gold Deluxe (for exercisers). They offer the best values for your money and include everything you need to experience success.

Remember, if you aren’t happy with your package as time goes on, X4 Labs offers money back guarantee so you can return it and get your money back later.

Drawbacks of ordering from X4 Labs

The main drawback I saw was on the X4 Labs website itself. It is packed full of product information, making it difficult to decide which product to order. While all of their products are good, you want to order what’s best for you and not spend money unnecessarily.

The order page is confusing because it asks for a promo code although the discount is already figured into the price. If you notice this, just input DISC100 into the promo code field. Another complaint I have is that you must “uncheck” features you don’t want. Pay close attention when placing your order to make sure you check & uncheck all the appropriate options.

Advantages of ordering X4 Labs Products

I found that the advantages of purchasing X4 Labs far outweigh the disadvantages.

First, the products can’t be beat in terms of quality, effectiveness, and price.

X4 Labs penis extender is a superior, highly-effective product that is priced competitively with other, similar products.

Even if you can’t afford the more expensive packages, you can order the cheaper-priced ones to get you started and add more options later if you need them.

Another thing I loved was the online chat support system offered by X4 Labs.

If you need help with an order or just have questions, you can use this feature anonymously. As far as I know, X4 Labs is the only penis enhancement manufacturer who offers this useful feature.

Yet another plus was the fact that X4 Labs provides an easy payment plan.

You don’t have to pay the entire purchase amount at once but have the option to break it down into 3 smaller payments. This is priceless at a time when we are all watching our incoming and outgoing funds.

This feature also provides a way for you to order a larger, pricier package since it allows you to pay over time.

Prompt and discrete shipping is another advantage offered by X4 Labs.

They process orders immediately and ship out the very next day. Delivery time for U.S. orders should take 3 to 5 days, with tracking information available. Express and air mail delivery are optional.

At last but not least I love the X4 Labs forum – it is the best place to see what real customers and critics have to say about the X4 Labs.
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My Bottom Line – X4 Labs is #1

I must admit that I was highly impressed with X4 Labs.

Their products are technologically superior to others (due to Hybrid & Quad Support and Mini-Adapter) but don’t break the bank since they are reasonably priced. Their larger packages offer valuable extras that include helpful videos, DVD’s, and membership to a successful penis enhancement program. They also sell extra products that really do help with the penis enlargement process (such as Sinrex).

Overall, X4 Labs offers the best complete program for an affordable price.

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