What are some of the classic desires men have? Many men want a fancy sports car, some want a pretty wife but almost all wish they had a larger penis.

Many of life's disappointments and struggles can be overlooked if one has the self confidence that goes along with a substantial penis, but is enlarging your penis something that is safe or even possible?

Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

Scientific studies show that with proper penile exercise and blood flow management, you can indeed make your penis longer and wider.

There are obviously faster ways to achieve a larger, wider penis, including penile implants and other surgeries, which can often provide instant results.

Penis stretching may take longer than surgical methods but it has shown to be less invasive, have little to no recovery time, cause fewer side effects and is much more cost effective.

How Does it Work?

Typically, a plastic ring is put in place around the base of the penis and a silicone holder is then applied around the head. This can be different, depending on the device, but most penis extenders work on this basic idea.

Usually, two bars are situated between the holder and the ring and tension is applied over a long period of time to stretch the penis.

A similar concept is used to stretch short limbs, whether due to birth defect or stunted growth.

Is Penis Stretching Right for You?

Your average penis stretching device can fit almost every man, whether you have an average sized penis or a smaller one. It is simple to use and can be worn at night, or all day, under clothing as it is small and not easily noticed.

Because these devices work over a long period of time, they don't cause any pain and will enlarge your penis in both width and girth, making this method a strong alternative to invasive male enhancement surgeries.

How Long Can you Wear a Penile Stretcher?

Studies have shown that wearing a penile stretching device for as little as two hours a day can deliver noticeable, permanent results.

Obviously, the longer you wear one, the faster you will begin to see results, but there is no reason to wear the device all day, every day. You can wear it as much as you like.

Negative Side Effects?

Most manufacturers warn, however, that these devices should not be worn overnight as they can become detached and cause damage to the penis. Some companies offer a protective pad to wear if you must use the device overnight but, generally, this is not a great idea.

Beyond this, there have been no major negative side effects involved with the use of a penis stretching device and using one will not affect your ability to become erect (it may, in fact, improve signs of erectile dysfunction), urinate, or have children.

What Else Should You Know?

Along with penile stretchers, there are many herbs and vitamins you can use to increase your penis size. Many herbs can boost your testosterone level and increase the flow of blood to the penis, which will make it feel larger and harder during intercourse.

The tissue of the penis works much like a sponge that fills with water. It, instead, fills with blood during an erection, which makes it grow firm and long.

Whether your problem is serious enough to affect your love life, or you just want a subtle advantage with the ladies, penile enhancement techniques like penis stretching have been proven to work.

If you are looking for the self-confidence boost that having a larger penis will bring, penis stretching is definitely something to look into.