Every man wishes he had a little more to offer in the bedroom and for most men, that translates into having a larger penis. There are numerous methods to employ in order to achieve this goal, including herbal supplements, surgery, penis exercises and stretching devices. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of penile stretching tools.

What is a Penile Stretcher?

A penis stretcher is an automatic or manual device that works to extend the penis by gradually stretching it out. Typically there is a ring on the base of the penis attached to another ring or holder at the other end. Tension is applied, usually over a relatively long period of time, to lengthen the penis.

How Do They Compare to Other Methods?

Compared to the two other popular non-surgical methods for penis enlargement, herbal pills and pumps, penile stretchers are safer and more user friendly. While some herbal supplements are safe and effective, they can occasionally cause adverse side effects such as nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure and heart palpitations, to name but a few. Pumps have shown to be even faster and more effective than pills, which can be enticing. Unfortunately many men end up hurting themselves and even permanently damaging their penises because they become too impatient.

The Pros of a Penis Stretcher

The process that penis stretching devices use is very similar to regular penis stretching exercises, with a little help. It is easy to put the device on and adjust it. Once it is in place, you can go about your day and forget about it. You won't be forced to pump for hours or risk uncomfortable side effects to see results. Studies have shown that penis stretchers often work more effectively than any other option besides surgical implants.

The Cons

Men who are looking to enhance their package often overlook the importance of moderation when it comes to using a penis stretcher or any other male enhancement device or method. This can lead to serious issues if the device is misused, or overused, which is due less to the nature of the device than to the over-zealous behavior of the user. Overuse can cause tears, bruising and other injuries.

Are Penile Stretchers for You?

Whether or not a penile stretching device is best for you depends mainly on how much growth you wish to achieve. This method is best for men who wish to see an improvement of one to two inches or less. For men with serious size issues, a penile implant or some other surgical method may be better suited to their needs. Typically, for a man with an average size penis, an additional one and a half inches is more than enough to make him 30% larger than most men.