ProExtender is your typical, old-school noose-type penis extender that increases the size of your penis by traction. Years ago, they were one of the best-selling devices available but, contrary to what they may say, most men are looking elsewhere for male enhancement techniques.

ProExtender was developed long ago by a well-known penile surgeon from Denmark. His new product was widely received and recommended by physicians world-wide at that time. It is still a decent device but, because no modern changes have been made to it recently, newer-styled devices are surpassing it in popularity.

Noose Fixation 🙁 🙁 🙁

ProExtender uses noose fixation, which is not the most popular type these days. To make their device more appealing, the manufacturers advertise their product as a 4-part complete approach to enlargement. What they mean by this is that the device is offered up with 2 male supplements (VigRX & Semenax) plus an exercise CD.

When browsing the website, you will see that they spend a lot of time downing other devices for being “knockoffs” of their own product. They also take up a lot of space boasting about how many medical endorsements the product has obtained. Now, the latter claim may be true but I believe that all of the endorsements took place long ago when extenders were just starting to be sold. Newer, more modern devices have now sprung up that are far more appealing to most men.

Packaging & Prices

ProExtender offers the following packages for sale on their site:

  • Original – $299.95 – original device in a cardboard case
  • Deluxe – $399.95 – “deluxe” device in a metal case
  • Original System – $329.95 – original device, VigRX pills, Semenax Pills, Exercise CD
  • Deluxe System – $429.95 – “deluxe” device, VigRX pills, Semenax Pills, Exercise CD

All products come with a 6-month money-back guarantee. No free shipping is offered. The larger packages offer 2 different types of male enhancement pills and an exercise CD.


The most glaring disadvantage of ordering this product may lie in the honesty of the sellers. They downplay other products while building theirs up but never reveal what is so great about their product.

They brag about the complete 4-part system but actually talk more about the male enhancement pills than they do the device itself. It makes me think that it is the extra, not the pills. Also, look at the prices for these packages! ProExtender is outrageously overpriced for what it offers. At those prices, they should at least offer free shipping but they don’t.

On the order page, they insinuate that there are actually two different devices, which are: 1) original and 2) deluxe. Nowhere on the site do they explain that there are, in fact, two different products so this remains a mystery. Are they the same or not?


One good thing I can say about this product is that it used to be very popular. It obviously, at one time, was a well-built penis extender but since no one ever bothered to update it, it is becoming somewhat of a relic. At least the company provides a good 6-month money-back guarantee. That assures that you can get your money back if you order it & don’t like it.

Bottom Line

I do not recommend ordering this product due to all the disadvantages discussed above.