The Phallosan Vacuum System is an alternative type of product used by some men for penis enlargement and treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. It is, indeed, a horse of a different color because it combines traction and vacuum techniques to produce results. According to the makers of this Class 1 medically certified system, it has undergone recent changes that render it safer to use.

What do you get with the Phallosan Vacuum System?

Let’s look all the components included with this system before we discuss how they are used. The individual components are:

  • Silicon Ring
  • Adjustment Belt Buckle
  • Stretchy Waist Belt
  • Clip
  • 3 Special Condoms (1 small, 1 medium, & 1 large)
  • Glans protective cap
  • Ball (used to create vacuum with pump)
  • Condom Template
  • Pump

How do you use this product?

The included instructions (printed on the website) are quite confusing but they state that they come complete with pictures (so that you can determine how to use this device). In a shortened form, the procedure involves placing your penis in a suction bell, sealing it with a protective condom, and connecting the bell to a clip that will be attached to a belt on your waist. At that point, tension is placed on your penis via the suction bell. You must wear it at least 8 hours a day (up to 12 hours a day is recommended in another spot on Phallosan’s website).

Phallosan, as stated earlier, uses both traction and vacuum techniques to enlarge (or straighten) your penis. As long as you are wearing the device, constant tension will be applied. The tension principle is the same one used in penis extenders when administering traction. The vacuum principle, however, is unique but sounds awfully similar to the one used in pumps. It prides itself on enlarging the glans due to the vacuum putting direct pressure on your entire organ. It capitalizes on this feature, saying that other types of devices merely use tension behind the organ (which is likely much safer).


You can purchase Phallosan (with all of the components listed above) for $299.00. Shipping will run you another $25.00. It is covered by a 2-year guarantee on all components (except the condoms and protective caps). If you decide to return it, you must do so within 14 days of receiving it and you must meet all requirements (listed on the site). They are quite lengthy.


Phallosan sounds good at the onset but after you continue to learn more, it loses its credibility.

The main problem I have is that it uses vacuum techniques, which I consider to be downright dangerous to the health of your most prized possession. I was troubled by the multiple references Phallosan made to this product being improved and the fact that they thoroughly explained why the protective cap was now safer. It made me think that they may have experienced some safety issues with that part of the device.

Further reading led me to a page that listed many precautionary measures to take when using the device. Inaccurate use, they stated, could lead to blistering, reddened skin, and swelling. Although they claimed it was safe, they also stated that you use this product at your own risk.


The only scenario I can see using this method of enlargement is one in which you have tried every other possible method unsuccessfully. This is something different that might work. However, I would never recommend using this product due to the worrisome safety concerns stated above.