Men looking for information on male enhancement often come upon sites selling penis pumps. Not realizing that these devices don’t provide permanent enlargement, they become impressed by the manufacturer’s bold claims, as well as the low price.

Unfortunately, once they use the device, they soon realize that it only enlarges (or pumps up) their members for a few minutes at a time, sometimes not even long enough for your average sexual encounter.

Getting their money back becomes a problem because, in most cases, the guarantee never claims to deliver permanent results.

Parts of the Device

Let’s take a look at these devices to see how they work. Most of them consist of the following parts:

  • Tube – usually plastic
  • Pump – manual or electric
  • Ring – usually rubber

How it works

Most pumps use similar techniques although some are a little more complex than others. In most cases, you will follow these steps:

  • Insert your penis into the tube
  • Connect the pump to the tube (it may come already attached)
  • Depending on the pump (whether manual or electric), you will either work it by hand or turn it on. It will cause a vacuum to form inside the tube which will, in turn, make blood rush into your organ
  • Place the included ring around the bottom-most part of your organ (this will work to keep the blood trapped there)
  • Remove the pump and tube

The entire process should not take more than 5 minutes once you become accustomed to doing it. If it works, you will have up to 30 minutes to have sex. After sex, you must remove the ring immediately. If not, you run the risk of injury.

Should only be used as a Last Resort

Now that you know the procedure, you can understand why these devices do not cause permanent enlargement. They are mainly used by men as a last resort when nothing else helps them to perform sexually. They do render men able to perform and are good tools to use following serious prostate surgery or as a remedy for severe erectile dysfunction problems (that don’t respond to other methods of treatment).

Risks & Side-Effects

The devices carry the following risks and side-effects:

  • Bleeding – some men, especially those who take certain medications, are at greater risk of bleeding after using the device. If they already have a blood disorder, they are at much greater risk
  • Bruising and/or cold, blue-colored skin – usually occurs from extreme pressure caused by the ring
  • Abnormal-feeling erection – your erection may not feel the same as it used to & may be “loose” at the base instead of firm
  • Decrease in sensitivity – after prolonged use, can result in “numb” sensations
  • Painful ejaculation – generally caused by the ring
  • Smallish red dots – occurs from bleeding under the skin
  • Extreme awkwardness/poor-quality experience – happens because of the anxiety created by using a device prior to sex and from the ring staying in place during intercourse

Pumps are worrisome because of the method they use to force blood into the penis and keep it there artificially for long periods of time. Although they may be essential tools for men with ultra-serious performance problems, they aren’t safe enough for the average man to use and probably aren’t effective in all but the most serious cases.

The Truth

So, although penis pumps have their place, they aren’t the best choice for either enlargement or most erection & performance issues. A better choice would be a traction device that utilizes comfort strap technology. Traction devices don’t force blood into your penis. You are in control of the device and, by performing simple exercises, will bring about improved blood flow and size increases that will be safe and natural. You can gradually work your way to a larger penis and a more satisfying sex life. What’s more, the results will be permanent.