Only these two methods of permanent penis enlargement are guaranteed to provide significant gains to the length & width of your member:

  • Stretching
  • Surgery

Which is the better method for enlarging your manhood? That’s something you will have to decide for yourself but you may find it easier to determine after a little research. Let’s break it down further.

Penis Surgery

SurgeryPenile Surgery is expensive and carries tons of risks. Although some men come through it satisfied, many regret even considering it as an option. It should never be undertaken without a great deal of thought and planning. Here are some of its disadvantages:

  • Surgery can cost up to $10,000, provided there are no difficulties encountered during the process
  • Since surgery is considered a cosmetic expense, insurance companies rarely cover it
  • If you want extra length & girth, you must undergo two different surgical procedures
  • You will encounter a high risk of scarring, as well as infection
  • Reduced sexual sensation is somewhat common after surgery, as well as impaired ability to achieve & maintain erections
  • Up to 8 weeks of recovery time is needed after the procedure

Although many men undergo and recover from surgery satisfactorily, they must understand that they are putting themselves at risk, not only of infection but also of greatly impaired sexual functioning. If it works, then all is well but if it doesn’t, then you can never go back. All of these factors make this type of decision one that should be contemplated very seriously.

Natural Penis Enlargement

There are several theoretical methods of natural penis enlargement although only a few actually work to increase your member permanently and significantly. The most commonly used natural methods are:

  • Natural Pills
  • Pumps
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Stretching Devices

Natural Pills

Most of the pills advertising that they enlarge penises do not have the capability. They might help you with erection, endurance, and general sexual problems but they won’t make your manhood bigger.


Most of the men using pumps need help with achieving and maintaining an erection long enough to complete the sex act. However, they do not cause permanent enlargement by any means.

Penis Stretching

stretchingStretching your penis naturally in order to cause enlargement is very effective as long as it is done properly.

What happens, during stretching, is that the long-term forces & pulling actions cause the tissue to strain and then tear. The tissue cells divide and multiply during this process. With the increased blood flow that stretching brings, there is plenty of blood pumping through the strained tissues to provide fluids and necessary elements to help these new tissues grow.

New tissue forms in the gaps caused by torn tissue, and once it grows, results in a larger member. Because of the extra tissue, your erections will be harder. Another advantage of stretching is that it often straightens out curved penises.

neck_ringsMake no mistake about it, stretching to bring about increased length, width, and mass is not a new idea. African women have been using the technique for centuries to elongate necks, stretch lips, and lengthen earlobes.

Tribal warriors from Africa and India even used stretching techniques on their penises because large penises were a sign of power.

There are two primary methods of natural penis stretching that cause permanent results although only one of them causes significant gains. They are:

  • Exercises – minimal increases
  • Stretching Devices (Extenders) provide sizable results

There are no harmful side effects that result from stretching your penis.


Penis exercises are a great way to stretch your member and when used alongside a stretching device, will greatly hasten enlargement results. Used alone, they will be helpful in strengthening your erections by providing increased blood flow. If you can find the right combination of exercises for your organ, you might see small, permanent gains but you will definitely experience improved sexual functioning. The main advantage that comes from exercises is pairing them with a quality extender (stretcher). Once you do that, the sky is the limit.

Stretching Devices

comfort-strap-extenderStretching devices (also called Extenders) are the best natural form of enlargement. They work by traction, which simply refers to the stretching of your organ.

High quality devices offer a multitude of extra components (such as support pieces, comfort pads, tension rods, etc.) to make your experience easy. The older devices may provide noose fixation while newer ones offer comfort technology (which simply refers to the way the device attaches to the penis). These stretchers, provided they are good ones, will both enlarge and straighten your organ significantly.

The traction used by extenders is always applied to your flaccid member. It works best if you wear it between 6 and 8 hours a day. Over time, the traction, or stretching, will cause cell division, cell multiplication, and then cell expansion. You must be patient and give the program a chance to work. The results will come so be patient. Men who give up and quit usually do so because the device was uncomfortable to wear or they decided they did not have the time needed to put into the program.

If you pair stretching exercises with a quality penis extender program, you will hasten your results. In fact, several of the high quality extenders being sold come with extras such as exercise programs.

Select a Reputable Device

It is very important that you choose a reputable extender if you want guaranteed results.

Never order an extender without first doing research to make sure it provides good results and is comfortable.

Ordering a low quality, cheap device will waste your time and money because it won’t work and could put your health at risk. Be sure to read all of our extender reviews thoroughly before deciding which would work best for you. You can easily make a good decision that way because all of our top quality devices are honestly rated.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about natural enlargement methods vs. surgery, you are better informed to make a good, sound decision. Evaluating both methods in terms of cost, recovery, and potential results should point you in the right direction.