Is it really worth spending enormous amounts of money to purchase an extender just because it has been around the longest?

Jes-Extender Product Review

The manufacturers of this penis enlargement device call their product the only “original” penis extender and consider all others to be copies of theirs.

To a degree, they are right because it has been on the market for over 14 years now and was the first one ever marketed to the public.

Several lesser-known competitors introduced “clones” of the Jes-Extender in the years following its release.

On the other hand, several other leading penis extenders, although similar to “the original” in some ways, differ in their structure and design enough that they should not really be considered copies.

Mr. Jes Bech Müller may have originally introduced penis extenders but other companies have produced variations that are quite different in design.

Yes, we agree it truly is an excellent product that has proven to be highly effective. Although quite expensive, it is a trusted penis enlargement device that has been purchased over 250,000 times world-wide.

How does it work?

All penis extenders work by using traction. They increase the size of your penis by forcing your penis to stretch, causing tissue cells to multiply. Over time, this increases their mass. Traction is a proven penis enlargement technique.

According to the Jes-Extender website, you can wear their device anywhere because it can’t be detected when covered by loose clothing. It is easy to use and does not present any health hazards when used as directed. The results you experience will be directly related to how much you use the device.

Treat Peyronie’s Disease by using a penis extender

According to our research the Jes-Extender seems to be safe to use in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease (curved penis) and will not only address the disorder itself but will enlarge your penis at the same time. It is the only treatment for Peyronie’s that also triggers penis enlargement.

Medically Endorsed by Well-Known Physicians

Several well-known physicians publicly back this product. The reasons they cite for endorsing it are its quality construction, its safety, its demonstrated success rate, and its ability to greatly heighten a man’s self-esteem.

Not only is the extender backed by Doctors, it is also endorsed with the European CE Mark and classified as a Type 1 Medical Device.

Packages & Pricing

The following packages are offered for sale on the Jes-Extender website:

  • Light Standard ($249.00)
    • The extender, Instructional DVD, Comfort strap
    • One year warranty
  • Original Standard ($299.00)
    • The extender, Instructional DVD, Comfort strap
    • 2 more elongation bars
    • Transparent silicone tube
    • Two year warranty
  • Titanium ($319.00)
    • The extender, Instructional DVD, Comfort strap
    • 2 more elongation bars
    • Extra set of ½ inch elongation bars
    • Transparent silicone tube
    • Two year warranty
  • Silver Standard ($399.00)
    • The same as Titanium but coated in pure sterling silve
    • Three year warranty
  • Gold Standard ($499.00)
    • Almost the same as Silver Standardbut coated in 24 carat gold
    • Plus Spare Part kit, an Extension Kit and a Velcro Strap
    • 5 year warranty
  • Platinum ($1,399.00) LOL!


Which package should you purchase?

Since all packages come with almost the same extras, it only makes sense to go with the cheapest priced package, which is the Light Standard for $249.00.

While it’s true that devices coated in fancy finishes might last longer, they aren’t very cost-effective unless you have plenty of money to burn.

All packages include quality-made extenders, as well as customer forums, online training, and instructional DVD’s. The forums are great tools because they allow you to make contact with other users. By doing this, you can see what others think about the product, ask questions, and share your own experiences. Online training is beneficial, as well, because it shows you exactly how to use your newly purchased device.


The major drawback of purchasing this product is its high price. No matter which package you buy, it will be priced far and above what most men would be able to pay. To top that off, it does not provide free shipping with any of their package offerings. However, it’s awfully difficult to fault Jes' products because they are such high-quality, tried-and-proven devices.


Besides the obvious reasons that the Jes-Extender is high-quality, medically-endorsed, and proven to work, it is also backed by a double money-back guarantee.

This is, perhaps, the best reason to purchase one.

If you are not fully satisfied you will get your money back times two. Of course, you will have to fulfill the requirements in order to claim the refund, all of which are listed on the official site.

This is the best money-back guarantee I’ve ever seen on a penis enlargement product and, believe it or not, Jes-Extender manufacturers claim they have never had to issue a refund. I believe them, too, because they would not offer such a guarantee if they weren’t absolutely certain you would love their product.

If you have the money to spend on a Jes-Extender, this valuable guarantee should cement the deal.

The Bottom Line – Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Devices are our #4 Choice

There’s no doubt that it is a very good penis enlargement product. They have been around for a long time now and are best-sellers in the penis enhancement market. Customer testimonials offer proof that nearly all men are fully satisfied with Jes-Extender.

My main problems are that they charge too much for their products and don’t offer free shipping on any of their packages.

If Mr. Jes Bech Müller and Co are truly concerned about men having higher self-esteem (and larger penises), they should develop a more affordable product for their customers.

Most of my friends find that the products offered by X4 Labs and SizeGenetics are much more cost-effective than Jes-Extender and offer better support, valuable extras, and excellent value for their money (see our reviews on X4 Labs and SizeGenetics to learn more).

In today’s economy, it’s difficult to rationalize spending large sums of money for an overpriced penis enlargement device even it if is considered to be the best.