A penis extender is a small device that is worn over the flaccid penis. It consists of a plastic loop that fits on the tip of the penis. Attached to that is a series of metal or hard plastic bars that attach to a holder at the base of the penis.

Theoretically, it is thought that by using traction, you can cause permanent cell replication. This results in a longer, fuller penis over the course of six to twelve months when the device is worn at least two hours daily.

Should You Try a Penis Stretcher?

Almost 70% of all men are unhappy with their penis size. One of the most popular male enhancement options on the market is a penis extender, or penile stretcher.

A Penis extender is perfect for a man who isn't comfortable taking herbal male enhancement supplements and who does not want to endure painful enlargement surgery.

Penis extenders work by utilizing traction force over an extended period of time and have been proven to deliver long lasting and potentially permanent results.

Does Traction Really Work?

The traction method is often used by general practitioners and orthopedic surgeons to regenerate skin and bone in cases of burns, stunted growth due to cancer or thyroid disease, or birth defects.

According to urologists, the traction method breaks down penile cells and causes them to grow as the damage is repaired, essentially growing new cells to fill the empty spaces that the penis extender creates.

Added Benefits

In addition to creating a longer, thicker penis, a penis extender also helps you to achieve a harder, longer lasting erection. This is because the enlarged cavities are able to hold more blood for a longer period of time.

The entire process is painless because the gaps that are created happen at the cellular level, and unlike time-consuming penis pumps, you can attach a penis extender and forget about it.

Choosing the Right Device for Lasting Results

When choosing a device, it's vital that you find a trustworthy and effective extender made from durable, high quality components with a great safety record. Not only will this ensure that you see the results you want, it will also keep you from being injured due to a low quality product.

Once you have achieved your desired results, you can easily stop using the penis extender without fear of losing what you've worked for.

Not all penis extenders are the same which means it’s a good idea to study this chart that compares and rates the various devices.

Ideally, you should start by choosing an medically tested penis stretcher equipped with comfort strap to prevent discomfort when using it.

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