Andropenis is a European-manufactured penis extender device that is certified as a medical device by British Standards. They proudly advertise that their product will enlarge your penis and correct curved penis up to 40%.

Their guarantee? If you don’t see results within 2 months of use, your money will be refunded.

How do they work?

Andropenis products work by traction, just like most other devices being marketed today. They claim that their extender is different from the others, though, due to the following factors:

  • Results verified via medical research & studies
  • Enlargement method is non-intrusive
  • End result does not rely on drugs and/or herbs
  • Product is medically certified
  • Manufacturer has 10+ years of experience

Another issue they try to capitalize on is that their device is often used as a post-surgery technique after penis surgery, particularly if the surgery is to correct Peyronie’s Disease. The idea they promote is that this particular device can prevent your penis from becoming shorter and/or scarred after the surgery.

This argument is really not valid, however, because any of the other top-selling extenders can produce the same results.

Packages & Pricing

  • Basic – $159.00 – Extender
  • Basic + Comfort Kit – $209.00 – Extender & 12-piece Kit
  • Gold – $249.00 – Extender
  • Gold Plus + Kit – $299.00 – Extender & 12-piece Kit
  • Gold Premium – $299.00 – Extender
  • Gold Premium + Kit – $349.00 – Extender & 12-piece Kit

You can purchase a basic (noose-style) extender for a fairly reasonable price but if you want comfort features, you will have to pay an extra $50. The Comfort Kits include the extra bands you will need in order to make your experience easier & more comfortable. The most expensive package includes sex tips, e-books, and a travel bag. If you search carefully, you will find that the products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


The main drawback to ordering this product is the lack of information on the website.

They go to a great deal of trouble to inform you about their medical backings and method of enlargement used (traction) but they don’t say much about their product. It is very difficult to determine exactly what is included in each package so you really don’t know which one to order.

Additionally, the reasons they give you for being different are not valid. All of the top-selling penis enlargement devices can make most of the same claims (listed above under How do they work?). They also don’t offer many genuinely valuable extras in their packages.


Since Andropenis is manufactured by a European Corporation, it could be of interest to European customers in regards to speedier delivery & customer support (due to current European law).

The device itself seems to be good quality and you are given the option of ordering comfort straps (which significantly raises my opinion of it). Judging by the company’s response to ever-changing customer demand (comfort kit), they are, at least, trying to keep up with the current market. This is a good sign for the future success of their company.

Bottom Line

Because of the lack of information on the Andropenis website, I was unable to thoroughly research their product to determine how it stands up to others being offered by different manufacturers.

That, in itself, served as somewhat of a warning because legitimate, high-quality products don’t try to hide information from their customers. The product being offered is your standard noose device. You are given the option of ordering a Comfort Kit, which you would most certainly want to do. There are other, better known top-selling devices that you can purchase more confidently. I would not recommend purchasing this product.