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The Best Penis Stretchers on the market

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Rated #1 X4 Labs
The Best Penis Stretcher

Rated # 2

Vimax Extender
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  • Permanent results
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  • Great comfort and faster results
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  • Strengthen erections
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  • Low cost guarantee

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Differences between Types of Penis Stretchers

Now that you have made the most important decision, you need to learn about different types of stretching devices in order to know which to purchase.

The main two types of penis stretchers are: 1) devices designed with noose fixation and 2) devices developed with comfort strap technology. Here’s the breakdown on each:

• Devices using Noose Fixation are found on older, more traditional devices.

Although the noose-type stretchers were the early, original devices, they have proven themselves to be uncomfortable

and somewhat self-defeating because their design contributes to penis slippage (which simply means that your penis can easily slip out of the device).

This can be frustrating to men who don’t have time to waste and can also be somewhat risky due to the possibility of injury.

Devices using the newer, more technologically
   advanced Comfort Strap Technology
   are, by far, the most comfortable and safest
   stretchers to use for fast penis enlargement.

After years of research into why men weren’t seeing significant results using penis stretcher devices, it was finally discovered that many stopped using them due to the uncomfortable noose-type fixation.

Comfort Strap Technology changed all that and now men are seeing the results they expected in the first place.

What to look for? The Most Significant Difference is Comfort

The bottom line here is that, although all quality penis extenders will work when used as directed, men won’t keep using them if they find them uncomfortable and difficult to affix and adjust.

Simply put, the longer period of time a man wears a penis extender, the more results he will experience.

Comfort Strap Technology makes that simple concept a reality and ensures safety for men who want to continue wearing the extenders for long periods of time.

Quality of Penis Stretching Device is Vital to your Success

Another reason men fail to experience success in their use of penis extenders is the quality of the device itself. Using a poor quality extender device can result in:

• little to no success
• complete customer dissatisfaction
• wasting your money on a useless product

Since many cheap, low-cost devices use inferior materials when manufacturing their penis extenders, the devices don’t hold up long enough for you to see results. Too, nearly all of the “cheap” extenders use noose fixation and that, combined with their poor quality, very often results in complete dissatisfaction.


Three Top-Selling Penis Extenders

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s take a quick look at the 3 top-selling penis stretching devices:

X4 Labs is The Best Penis Stretcher

X4 Labs is our number 1 pick out of the 3 devices.

It is actually the device I chose to order and it did not disappoint me. Here are the main factors which helped me decide on X4 Labs:

  • Hybrid Traction System – a unique, exclusive design that combines silicone straps with comfort pads & memory foam, resulting in safe, comfortable penis enlargement.
  • Comfort Strap Technology – comfortable straps, not noose fixation, are used to hold the extender in place during the enlargement process.
  • Variety of Package Sizes and Prices – X4 Labs offers several different packages at varying prices.

    The Starter Kit costs $89.95 but if you want more perks, you can choose from 4 other package sizes (different prices are listed under Price Breakdown).

    You get the same quality penis extender no matter which package size you choose.

#2 SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System

  • SizeGenetics offers a high quality device that includes Comfort Strap Technology, as well as 16-way Comfort Fixation.

    However, one problem reported by many male users was how difficult it was to assemble, hard to adjust, and complicated to tweak.

  • SizeGenetics, like X4 Labs, offers several different package sizes but they don’t include their best-selling extender in all of them. Their Basic Starter Kit is more expensive than X4 Labs ($199 as opposed to $89.95) but you must order a more expensive package to get 16-way Comfort Fixation.

You can opt to order the SizeGenetics best-selling device by itself but it costs a whopping $349.

Again, the SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort Penis Extender is a quality device but you will pay much more for it. X4 Labs offers a Penis Stretcher that is comparable in quality but much cheaper on your finances (See SizeGenetics prices below in Price Breakdown).

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#3 Vimax Extender

Vimax offers a good quality penis extender at a good price.

Until now, it was the cheapest quality extender available to the public and, as a result, gained major popularity among men seeking a low-cost penis enlargement method.

Luckily, X4 Labs now offers its Starter Edition for lower price ($89.95).

Vimax penis extenders do not use comfort strap technology but, instead, make use of the old-style noose fixation. Although you can purchase one for only $99.95, your money will be better spent to opt for X4 Labs Starter Edition since it, costs $89.95 and comes with Comfort Strap Technology as opposed to noose fixation.

Vimax originally did not offer different package sizes but we understand that they are now offering a Deluxe System. It is reported to be comparable to X4 Labs and SizeGenetics but at a much higher price.

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Price Breakdown on Top-Selling Penis Extenders

X4 Labs Packages
Starter $89.95   (All packages include Comfort Strap Technology)
Peyronies $214.95  
Deluxe $195.95   (The most popular)
Gold $295.95   (Best seller)
Premium $395.95  
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SizeGenetics Packages
Starter $149.95   (Does not include 16-Way Comfort)
Basic Package $349.95  
Ultimate $348.95   (Includes 16-Way Comfort)
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Vimax Packages
Starter $99.95   (Device uses Noose Fixation)
Deluxe No information available on exact pricing for this package
Click here to Visit the Official Vimax Extender Site


We believe the X4 Labs Gold Edition is the best choice among all penis stretchers on the market today. Click here to learn more.


My Personal Experience with Penis Enlargement Methods

As I mentioned earlier, X4 Labs manufactured the device I chose to purchase for penis enlargement and I was very happy with their product. After years of trying various techniques reputed to enlarge your penis, I found the X4 Labs Extender to be the most efficient.

Some of the other methods I tried over the years included:

  • Penis Pills – I found many different formulations of penis pills on the market, some all-natural and some full of fillers & chemicals. They did not work for me at all, although some of my friends experienced some success with them (although marginal).
  • Penis Exercises – For a short while, I tried various penis exercise techniques that I discovered on the Internet by surfing around but none of them produced significant results by themselves. I did find, however, that combining the exercises with the use of a good penis extender hastened my penis enlargement process. Once I started using the X4 Labs Extender and seeing results, I then decided to add exercises to the regime. After a short while, I experienced even more gains.
  • Penis Surgery – I never opted for penis surgery but I did go for a consultation with a well-known physician. He advised me to try other penis enlargement methods first because penis surgery is major surgery involving dangerous risks, long recovery times, and extremely high costs.

Other Stretching Devices

Before I learned about X4 Labs products, I mistakenly ordered a cheap extender device guaranteed to enlarge my penis in record time. I was thoroughly disappointed in the device and, for a time, swore off all penis stretching devices! That incident happened before I became aware that there really were good penis extenders vailable for purchase. I was pretty green back in those days and was quick to order something that promised results without first doing some research.

Beware Heavily Advertised Products that Promise Glowing Results

After years of trying highly-promoted penis stretchers that promised to bestow me with a bigger penis, I finally learned that the Internet is full of bewitching ads that promise things they can’t deliver. I was young, gullible, and eager to believe their stories, so much so that I was willing to spend any amount of money to fulfill my dreams of having a large penis.

You can Benefit from My Personal Experience with Inferior Products

I threw away hundreds of dollars on useless products but learned a valuable lesson in the long run. Even though I lost a lot of money, I decided to make my experiences a worthwhile venture by sharing them with other men. Preventing others from spending their hard-earned money on useless penis enlargement products makes me feel that my experiences were justifiable and worthwhile.

Heightened Confidence will Improve your Life

I have never been more confident in my entire life and I feel that I owe it all to X4 Labs. My confidence is now through the roof and it has resulted in more success on my job and in my personal life. I truly feel that I can conquer anything that comes my way from now on out.

Using the X4 Labs Penis Extender has resulted in significant gains (both length & width) to my penis size.

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